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Healing people who heal the world


Mission Statement 


We inspire counselors and clients to live with passion & intention so they can be holders of hope and agents of change for self, family, community, and the world. 


We accomplish this through being: 


Clinician-Centered. We create a pipeline for counselors who are committed, called, and passionate about serving communities with excellence through private practice. Our counselors have the respect and freedom they need to create a work-life balance, build outstanding clinical skills, and earn competitive wages. 


Client-Focused. We focus on the needs of the individual, couple, or family, knowing that every person and situation is unique. We strive to listen to, align with, and advocate for our clients. We believe that clients are experts in their own lives. 


Holistic in Approach. We honor people as multidimensional beings—mind, body, heart, and spirit. We acknowledge the different parts of the self and provide treatment and resources to meet people where they are. 


Empowering. We help counselors fulfill their dreams within and beyond the walls of our practice. In turn, counselors give clients tools that serve them well beyond the time and space of services provided. 




Intrinsic Worth. We believe that all people are born with innate value and intense worth despite their situation or circumstance. We strive to help people align with this truth. 


Growth. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is marked by personal growth and development. Sometimes growth hurts and we accept pain as a pathway to peace. 


Diversity. We value, honor, and welcome the presence of clients and practitioners from diverse backgrounds. 


Healing. We believe that freedom is possible for those who have struggled with pain and brokenness. No matter how deep the pain, healing is an option. Healed people are free people. 


Community Investment. We value the community and the people who live in it. We are community partners who actively contribute to its growth and health. 

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